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Thibault Durand

Freelance Front-end engineer

23800 La Celle-Dunoise, France

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  • Indicative rate €667 / day
  • Experience 7+ years
  • Response rate 100%
  • Response time 4h
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Github : tdurand tdurand
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Twitter : tibbb tibbb
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Thibault in a few words

I'm a French Front-end engineer with 5 years of professional experience working with web technologies (and more than 10 years of passion for the web). I'm visually oriented and practical, and I love to create simple, intuitive, and effective interfaces that make our complex world a little simpler.

My mission is to make your business more efficient by creating or improving your interfaces, but also increase their lifespan and maintenance cost.

I can work with you on defining the most suitable solution to your needs, I have gained experience in mobile apps (Phonegap), business interfaces (dashboards, stock management, e-learning platform ..), responsive websites, UX thinking, and done some crazy innovative interfaces. I've worked with solo teams up to tens of engineers, on 2 weeks projects up to 12+ months.

I've been working remotely for 5 years, communication won't be an issue, I will fit into your workflow and suggest improvements if needed. I can work in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.



July 2015 - Today

Toptal (Freelance platform)

Front-end engineer

- Contracted to work on the Toptal platform itself, using React.js and Flux architectures for a year now. I believe React.js and Redux are a big step forward to build performant, maintainable, modular, and testable interfaces.
- Worked on a big online learning platform (a seven-month contract using Redux), overseeing all React/Redux environment challenges, including normalizing/denormalizing data, CRUD async reducers/actions, and Auth.
- Created internal dashboards and business interface (with Reflux) as well as pixel-perfect pages with more than 100 components (lots of data to display).
- Created an Eventbrite-like app (with Redux) to extend the capabilities of Eventbrite, giving users the possibility to manage entry at the door of the event from a smartphone.
- Created a highly efficient and small React-Redux app embedded in iFrame for Filespin, an upload/viewer file service. Small footprint, using pure CSS and Redux/React without other dependencies (app weight 80kb gzipped).
January 2011 - Today


Web Software Developer

I did a lot of Freelance work the past year, for platforms like Toptal or on my own, and there is some personal projects i'm proud of :
- Produced a complete interactive web documentary in Colombia. (
- Integrated several responsive websites: , ,
- Created enterprise apps to for inventory and time management in a cardboard factory.
- Built a bus map of Fortaleza (Brazil) used by 2,000 people a day (
- Built a mobile app (iOS) with React Native. For my children:
- Technologies: UX design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Play! Framework, Node.js, Mapbox.js, Leaflet.js, Bootstrap, SVG, Python, Java, SQL, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, React Native, React.js, Redux
February 2012 - February 2015


Mobile Web Developer (Lead)

- Led the technical development of the MosaLingua apps.
- Oversaw a complete rewrite with PhoneGap/Backbone.js/SASS for both Android and iOS Webview (one codebase).
- Rethought the UX/design of several features.
- Deployed while in production for thousands of users, with an update released every 2 months. Supported Android 2.X+ and iOS 5+.
- Worked remotely with a team of 10 across 3 continents, and managed feedback from users in 4 languages.
- Technologies: Cordova, PhoneGap, Backbone.js, SASS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Play! Framework
April 2011 - July 2011


Web Software Developer Intern

- Created a WYSIWYG to build forms.
- Worked on a two-way data-binding library.
- Built a great UX using drag & drop, contenteditable, and more.
- Integrated with a current solution, outputting the form building to XML.
- Worked with a team of senior engineers (creators of the Play! Framework).
- Technologies: JavaScript, Knockout.js, Play! Framework, HTML5/CSS3, JSON, REST


  • Ingénieur Informatique

    INSA Lyon



  • Portugais

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  • Espagnol

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  • Anglais

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  • Français

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