Manuel Mérida

Software architect - Digital transformation

Madrid, España

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  • Digital Agency and IT company
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  • Banking & Insurance
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Manuel in a few words

Senior software developer and freelance consultant with over 13+ years of experience with different architectures, customers and work environments as Consultant, Analyst, Big Data engineer, QA tester, Application Architect, and Technical leader of projects which handle millions of transactions and seamless integrations with third parties services and systems.
Highly motivated, adaptable, oriented to results and maintain the balance between quality and time. Good abstraction qualities in order to design new features or to make refactoring of legacy code, good knowledge of OOP, SOLID principles and design patterns of distributed systems.
Team player, in constant evolution and motivated to do the job as well as possible and be proud of the results.
Love to work on challenges and how to improve and maximize the use of the resources by innovative ways, that's why the startup kind of environments or very new green fields are the kind of projects which more fits with my personality and talents to offer.

  • Strong experience working with microservices architectures, cloud native applications, docker containers, container orchestration and AWS cloud provider.
  • Strong experience managing distributed remote teams among different time zones.
  • Strong experience scaling organizations and highly skilled teams with special focus on business strategy.
  • Interested to learn more about distributed systems, reactive systems, machine learning, cognitive computer systems, cybersecurity among others.
  • Love music, play piano and guitar in my free time.
  • Enjoy being fit by doing Boxing or Muay thai.
  • Starting currently my own open source projects.
  • Appreciate to travel and share with people/colleagues from other cultures


May 2019 - Today | Barcelona, España

Banking & Insurance


Technical team lead / CTO

Technical Lead and CTO at IbanXS allowing payments and other transactions to near 5000 banks in all Europe, by the use of PSD2 compliant services.

Key responsibilities:
  • Work from the beginning with the CEO in order to create the main design and architecture of our current platform, allowing easy, reliable and predictable integrations and connections with near 5000 banks across Europe.
  • Implement and test the POC of our platform.
  • Manage the hiring process of a scrum team of 6 engineers.
  • Establish our devops culture which allow automate all our process from dev to deployment in a continuous delivery manner.
  • Manage our distribute team among 4 different time zones, with team members in Panamá, Spain, Romania, The Netherlands and Hong Kong.
  • Keep close eye in research for innovative manners to optimize our platform and profitability.
  • Mentor and help team members to deliver our project and personal goals
  • Active development of new features

  • Java 11+, Spring cloud, Spring boot, Zipkin, Keycloak, RabbitMQ/Kafka, ELK, AWS ECS/Fargate, AWS Lambda functions
  • MongoDB, Postgrel, Redis
  • Gitlab + gitlab runners + bash scripting
  • NodeJS, React, Meteor
  • JUnit5, Selenium, Docker
  • IntelliJ IDEA plugin

  • Scrum, Kanban , Lean (JIRA-Confluence)
June 2018 - May 2019 | Barcelona, España


Convidad, DANA indonesia

Technical team lead

As part of the globalization effort of DANA indonesia, I was hired by Convidad Offshore provider to establish a new cell in Spain to work closely in specific developments of the DANA platform and payments integration projects.
Our main focus was to establish easy and reliable integrations with service provider companies in Indonesia, enabling scale the platform to 264 million of habitant in Indonesia.

Key responsibilities:
  • Manage the hiring and training process of 2 new scrum teams of 8 developers in Spain
  • Manage new projects mainly in the payments services and integrations with third party services.
  • Establish and set guidelines to follow up the DANA offshore team expansion, keeping as well 2 team members working in Panama and 2 in Hong Kong under my supervision.
  • Be part as an individual contributor of the technical improvements of the legacy platform of DANA
  • Be in DANA Indonesia HQ for 1 month giving training and orientation about how to follow their distribute team management strategy.

  • Java stack and Alipay cloud and infrastructure.
  • Microservices and distributed system architecture platform mainly a proprietary platform provided by Alibaba/Alipay, based on java/spring framework.
  • Asynchronous payment processing and API integrations with services providers of Indonesia, as tv, internet, mobile, gym, food delivery among other kind of services.

  • Scrum, Kanban , Lean (JIRA-Confluence)
September 2016 - August 2018 | Barcelona, España


Oracle Netsuite

Senior software Engineer II

As an individual contributor helping Netsuite to handle millions of transactions around the globe, being part of the Barcelona office.

  • Senior software engineer into the order management tribe, as part of the omnichannel project very focused on the communication with our UX designers, product managers and developer members in order to achieve our goals and deluxe our customers with the best solutions and improvements.
  • Main function was to implement new functionalities, and evolution of our product with the integration of the in store pickup project.
  • Implement a couple of POC using some of the new tools provided by the platform team in order to do trainings for our Barcelona staff.
  • During the last year I was working with the modularization of our legacy code and architecture as part of the evolution of the base platform code, the technical solution finally evolves as a global initiative as part of the modularization effort of the company.
  • Mentor and help with our team members to improve our code design and implementation skills, while we working to clean the tech debt.

Key responsibilities:
  • Design part of the modularization process and structure to follow of the available platform of Netsuite.
  • Enable in store pickup into Netsuite platform.

  • Scrum (JIRA-Confluence)
June 2014 - September 2016 | Barcelona, España

Health, Wellness & Fitness


Technical team lead & Application architect

Working on the main new project of the company from scratch, that was a framework created as solution to develop their current and future projects as modular units, easiest to maintain, and easier to adopt new changes and quick prototyping for customers. For that purpose I design with the CEO an user interface render solution that can be configured in an easier way in order to create flows, forms, views and access to any db data provider in order to persist the data or extract the metadata to be represented by forms or widgets (dashboards). The final result was a software factory in itself which allows to us to make big changes into the organization in less time and provide to other clients fast solutions for their problems, make prototyping faster and sell our new ideas to our new customers.
Key part of the project was to accomplish a good integration with the old platform and current on go projects at that time, which we were able to face by using smart connections and integrations.

Key responsibilities:
  • Propose the general architecture and technological stack and methodologies (agile kanban/lean) to be used for the new development process
  • Lead the design of the technical aspects of the project
  • Coding the base of the project at the first stages and the general design using design patterns and SOLID principles, design and make the POC's in order to propose new cool functionalities of the framework.
  • Monitor that best practices, agile methodologies and clean code were followed by our team.
  • The selection and hiring process of the team which develop the solution along 2 years.
  • Lead a core team of the framework (7 senior developers and 2 QA members), support and make the training of other 2 customers teams (a total of 10 more developers + 2 managers) that were using the framework to deliver current and future projects of the company.
  • Design the tools to do the integration with the legacy code and modules of the company.
  • Make the follow up meetings in order to receive feedback and recognize gaps of functionalities from the teams that were using the framework
  • Propose solutions that allows to solve the gaps and prioritize and make the planification of the project and modules following the customers and business needs and time to market and deliveries objetives.
  • Support to the CEO and managers in order to aboard new projects and futures with the technical aspects.
  • Make periodical meetings with some of our international customers (UK, France, Belgium, USA) in order to show & tell (announce new functionalities), receive feedback and propose solutions for some of their technical problems.

  • Java, JSF2, Primefaces, Omnifaces, Jquery, HTML5, some JS libraries, Angular, ExtJs, VIS js, Hibernate, Ibatis, Spring, Antlr, beanshell, Junit, SVN/GIT (maven, jenkins), Flyway. Vagrant, Docker, Tomcat, Jetty, * * Unix shell scripting and automation
  • Infraestructure was provided by the IT team in France
  • Oracle 11g, MongoDB

  • Scrum, Kanban , Lean (JIRA-Confluence)
November 2013 - June 2014 | Barcelona, España

Banking & Insurance


Big data engineer

Bigdata engineer as a team member of accounting system of Deutsche Bank UK, main project technologies was hadoop and others of the cloudera eco-system. The system was composed of many filters and sub-modules that were integrated to deliver an ETL solution with map-force for final users, and deliver an optimal filtering, and enrichment process of trades and financial transactions.

Key responsibilities:
  • maintain and design the new modules of the data pipeline
  • support and mentor the less experienced members of the team
  • Document different aspects of the system
  • Implementation of a Hive module in order to retrieve data and generate reports in a SQL like way.
  • Assist to the team lead in order to take technical reviews and architectural choices

  • hadoop, hive, oozie, spring, jms, (MapForce tool, design xslt to filter)
  • Junit, SVN (maven, jenkins).
  • Oracle, HDFS

  • Scrum, Kanban (JIRA-Confluence)
December 2012 - June 2013 | Madrid, España

Software Publisher

Grupo CMC

Software engineer

Banco Santander Intranet System Upgrade Project / Team-member , Assigned Software engineer responsible for updates and improvements of the internal tools for the intranet web applications and payments consolidation back office. Make some android applications to another clients of the CMC group.

Key responsibilities:
  • Maintain and design the new modules of the system
  • Take requirements from stakeholders and do documentation
  • Support and mentorship to less experienced members of the team
  • Continuous feedback to the managers and support to do estimation of time and resources

  • Struts & Spring on Hibernate persistence layer, Jquery(svn, maven, jenkins, junit) Database:- Oracle

  • Waterfall
February 2008 - December 2012 | Madrid, España

Software Publisher

Galeon software

Software engineer

Upgrade and improvements Project for Spain ́s“ Servicio Público de empleo estatal, SEPE” , as well as new developments within Client ́s existent architecture. The used tools and platforms were: J2EE,IBM RAD and Websphere tools, Struts applications, Jsf, and Hibernate among others.

Key responsibilities:
  • Maintain and design the new modules of the application
  • Support and mentorship to less experienced members of the team
  • Documentation of the web modules

  • J2EE,IBM RAD and Websphere tools, Struts applications, Jsf, Spring, Hibernate among others
  • Oracle

  • Waterfall

Parallel to above indicated job, from Jan. 2011 up June 2011, on free time, had also developed a Farm Management System for a Private client (Startup) in Venezuela on a Glassfish Server with JSF architecture and Primefaces, JPA, and MySql DB.
June 2008 - December 2008 | Madrid, España

Software Publisher

Galeon software

QA engineer

QA engineer of IT applications with frameworks JSF, Spring, Hibernate, for International Projects performing application tests and QA/QC, as well as IT facilities tests among other duties.

Key responsibilities:
  • Documentation and design of test plans
  • Implementation of test and reporting of bugs
  • Virtualization and implementation of production scenarios to test the application.
January 2008 - June 2008 | Madrid, España

Digital Agency and IT company

Avanza Externalización de servicios

J2EE Programmer

Applications External Support Service. Responsible for programming, development and upgrades of existing html and javascript applications under J2EE and MVC design technology. Programming of Company ́s Telemarketing Management Applications under J2EE.


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