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Malik Samjee

Better analytics to take better business decisions

Madrid, España

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Malik in a few words

My professional goal is to continue to apply my analysis and synthesis capabilities to help companies to take better data driven decision with impact on business performance (new revenue streams and cost saving). I have the natural ability to translate a quantitative analysis into a meaning full business recommendation.

My professional background is the constantly innovating Telecom, Internet and Media industry. I took the advantage of Telefónica´s international expansion in Latin America and Europe to acquire rich experience in different fields such as Analytics & BI, Marketing, Pricing and Strategy. My direct impact in Telefónica´s P&L has over passed 3 digits millions of euros.

My personal background has made me open-minded and eager to understand the cultural differences. I am French but my grandparents come from India and currently I am living in Madrid. My passion in each project is key to lead and manage successfully large and heterogeneous teams. Taking decision in real time, thinking out of the box in an under-pressure environment, master large budgets or ambitious targets is no issue for me.

Now, I am an actor in the Telefónica digital transformation. Selected for the Smart Home strategic project, managed as a tech start-up, I am making Telefónica more relevance to its customers, using agile methodology and advanced analytics (big data, machine learning, …).


December 2009 - August 2011 | Madrid, España



Head of Customer Experience

1. Track and fix main commercial policies that impact on customer satisfaction index and net promoter score (lean methodology, correlation models)
2. CSI improved in 3% (+0,2)
January 2000 - August 2005 | Madrid, Espagne



Strategy and Regulatory affairs Senior Analyst

1. Analysing business environment and detecting new trends locally and globally
2. Elaborating ad-hoc analysis for the Executive Board (NTT DoCoMo´s I-mode, Premium SMS / Carrier billing opportunity, MVNOs, …)
September 2011 - January 2013 | Madrid, España



Global Head of Pricing & Commercial Strategy

1. Define global strategic guidelines to adapt traditional voice based business model to face the new digital environment (Skype, WhatsApp, …)
2. Advisor and internal consultancy to the operating business (CMO / head of Pricing) to ensure local implementation
3. Develop analytic model for upselling potential and cannibalisation risk
January 2013 - December 2014 | Madrid, España



Global Head of Customer Loyalty

1. Boosting loyalty programs effectiveness in 15 operating businesses
2. Refocus on high value customers (top 10% customers = 40% of total revenues)
3. Supporting local CMO in the implementation loyalty program redefinition
4. Achieving more than 100 millions €/year in P&L positive impact (churn reduction, saving and liability reduction)
May 2017 - Today | Madrid, España



Global Head of Analytics and Business Intelligence

1. Define data architecture to ensure real-time and accurate data, always being compliant with EU GDPR
2. Drive the insights generation to create thoughtful recommendations to boost business performance, using advanced data visualisation tools (funnel, customer journey, segments mapping, …) to convince all stakeholders. Use cases developed:
- Direct impact on overall P&L with upselling (Wifi expander for large households) and cost saving (early Internet failure detection)
- Enhance Customer Experience (UX design and app flow optimization)
- Customer segmentation for engagement campaigns (next best product feature to be discovered, optimal channel, optimal time)
- Paid media optimization (based on conversion events defined in the app)
3. Managed budget for outsourcing of data architecture implementation: 500K €/year
September 2005 - November 2009 | Madrid, Espagne



Head of Pricing

1. Maintaining the pricing power of the clear market leader (10.000 millions € turnover, 45% margin, 20 millions customers, 50% market share)
2. Partner with CMO and CFO to optimize revenue, market share, brand positioning and long-term profits, managing a permanent relationship with the board (one step from the CEO)
3. Achieving more than 50 millions €/year additional net revenues with price increase of less sensitive concepts for clients (ancillary services)
January 2015 - April 2017 | Madrid, España



Global Head of Digital P&S portfolio and Go To Market

1. Identify global flagship digital P&S beyond connectivity (mobile video, music streaming, security, personal cloud, …) and align vision with operating businesses to ensure replicable success is quickly delivered
2. Define commercial model (bundling, upselling, ...) for each market / segment and deliver associated go to market digital toolkits to the operating businesses
3. Revenue perimeter: > 1.000 millions €/year, managed jointly with 15 operating businesses


  • Ingeniero superior de Telecomunicación

    Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación (ETSIT,), Madrid


    Especialidad de gestión
    Proyecto de fin de carrera en regulación de las telecomunicaciones

  • Master in Business Administration

    Instituto de Empresas / IE Business School


    Analytics y Comportamiento del cliente

  • Ingeniero superior de Telecomunicación

    École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (Télécom ParisTech), Paris, Francia



  • Español

    Native or bilingual

  • Francés

    Native or bilingual

  • Inglés

    Full professional proficiency

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