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Jorge Duarte

Full Stack Developer. React Expert.

Málaga, España

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Jorge in a few words

Desarrollador Full Stack con más de 15 años de experiencia. Centrado en los últimos años en el desarrollo backend con Node.js (usando tecnologías como AWS o stack ELK) y en el desarrollo móvil con React Native.

Conocimientos de desarrollo de software:
- Experto en: PHP, Python, ShellScripting, Javascript/ECMAscript (React.js, node.js), Perl (5).
- Experto en desarrollo móvil: React Native.
- Proficiente en desarrollo web actual: aplicaciones web progresivas/responsivas, AJAX, WebSockets...
- Bases de datos SQL: MySQL, MySQL Cluster (NDB), PostgreSQL. Uso esporádico de Oracle.
- Bases de datos no-SQL: MongoDB.
- Caching/no-SQL: Memcached, Redis, Casandra.
- Criptomonedas: Bitcoin.
- Unit Testing.
- Creación de APIs (backends) usando tanto RPC como RESTful.
- Colas de mensajes: RabbitMQ, Kafka
- Motores de búsqueda: Stack ElasticSearch+LogStash+Kibana y Sphynx.
- Uso de ffmpeg (Video transcoding).
- Otras tecnologías: DRM, Chromecast, ... y más.
- Control de versiones: svn, git.

Conocimientos de Administración de Sistemas y otros conocimientos TI:
- Diseño, implementación y mantenimiento de servicios en Alta Disponibilidad: HTTP (Apache, nginx, Pacemaker, Corosync, ,...), SSL (con offloading), MySQL (NDB).
- Conocimiento de algunos servicios de Amazon Web Services (AWS). CI/CD.
- Implementación de diferentes servicios UNIX, como por ejemplo, Exim, Dovecot, Postfix, Squid, LDAP, Clonezilla, CFEngine, Ansible, backup, monitorizacion (zabbix).
- Creación de políticas de firewall y seguridad, de acuerdo con los estándares más estrictos de la industria.
- Hardening de sistemas, aplicaciones y redes.
- Alguna experiencia con fibra óptica y switches Cisco 3560/3750 y Firewall ASA 5520 en setups de Alta Disponibilidad.



September 2019 - Today | Fráncfort del Meno, Alemania

Software Publisher


React Native Developer

React Native development. Diverse problem solving with iOS library linking. Custom Java/ObjectiveC module development.
October 2019 - April 2020 | Pego, España

Travel & Tourism


Full Stack Developer

May 2019 - December 2019 | Madrid, España

Health, Wellness & Fitness

u-Care Health

Full Stack Developer

June 2019 - July 2019 | Madrid, España

Social Networks


IT Security Specialist / Backend Developer

Optimize node.js backend by refactoring the entire application flow, including designing, deveoping and deploying the entire new security strategy of the service. This backend is being actually used by a mobile application having more than 125.000 registered users by June 2019. Designed new search engine for the backend.
June 2019 - June 2019 | Malaga

Education & E-learning

Codespace Academy

Instructor (5th Bootcamp)

Instructor of MongoDB at the 5th Bootcamp of CodeSpace Academy.
May 2008 - Today | Málaga, España

Software Publisher



My brand to provide IT-related services. Established 2008.

Some of the projects I've worked on over the last years:

- 2018-2019: Full frontend development for OTT company using React and other related technologies like DRM and Chromecast.

- 2012-2016: Centralized multi-domain CMS system for video websites. Full automatization of processes
(video publishing/transcoding/previews generation/reviewing/moderation/work elements/CDN control) across different domain names, transcoding of videos for different devices. Single administration panel to manage the entire network of websites independently on their server location.

- 2014: Integral UI development for a STB (Set Top Box) based on Webkit. The customer is an OTT providing IPTV services and I had to fully develop the Interface for the typical main functions of this devices: TV stream, channels organization, EPG (TV Guide), Teletext (I was directly decoding the MPEG/TS stream), Record scheduler, Media player. Efficiency of the code was very important as processing capacity of these devices is pretty limited, and a quick response to user requests is needed.

- 2015-2016: Social Hotspot system. Project including different elements on its architecture:
a) Router firmware based on Debian, developed from scratch.
b) Centralized administration panel (router management plus billing control) where customers can access
to modify the router settings (ESSID, login otions). This administration panel keeps direct communication with different routers via VPN so settings can be propagated immediately by user request.
October 2018 - May 2019 | Málaga, España
May 2012 - May 2013

Entertainment & Leisure

EVM Cash International

Lead Software Architect

Main responsabilities:
- Design the complete architecture of one of their new products.
- Work as System Administrator for some Linux servers the company used to provide some production-stage services.

Important achievements:
- Design and lead the development of – I was able to develop the project using the limited resources of the company, a single developer and a graphic designer, keeping the execution costs below the budget established by the company. I completely designed the Project and also actively assisted as developer. Project also allows the generation of White-labelled ‘search engine parking domains’.
May 2009 - April 2012

Software Publisher

Arts Internet Solutions


Arts Internet Solutions was one company based on Málaga, providing operational and technical infrastructure to external businesses for multiple different projects related with Gaming (Sports Betting), Social Network and Advertising.

Main responsibilities:
- Write IT-related documentation needed in order to obtain official Gaming Licenses in different jurisdictions.
- Design guidelines and processes for the creation of highly available, modular, scalable and cost-effective networks, systems, frameworks and applications.
- Oversee the recruiting processes related to the development of the products and services offered.
- Inspection and management of SLA agreements of the different outsoured IT functions.
- Estimate and manage the operational budget for IT.

Important achievements:

- Trained and managed a very motivated, creative, passionate for work, high performing, multidisciplinary team of around 45 professionals; created the main workflows and employee structures.
- Initial assessment to create the entire IT strategic plan through Information Security principles and policies (ISO/27001 & PCI/DSS).
- Wrote a Software Patent and its graphics according to USPTO guidelines.
- Designed high availability/performance setups and optimised application architectures for multiple projects.
- Realized analysis of bandwidth, applications performance and costs for the business financial simulations.
January 2006 - May 2008

Software Publisher


Software Developer & Systems Administrator

January 2007 - May 2008

Entertainment & Leisure

EVM Cash International S.L.

Web Developer

EVM Cash International es una empresa internacional fundada en Países Bajos en el año 1998 y que actualmente está presente en 9 países. La empresa provee servicios de micropagos y de Streaming de video para diferentes propósitos..

Logros destacables:
- Diseño y desarrollo de un sistema CMS multi-dominie, permitiendo la gestión y monitorizacion centralizada de un extenso número de sitios web.
- Diferentes optimizaciones de proyectos ya existentes.
- Implementación de sistema de alta disponibilidad (HTTP y HTTPS) usando tecnologías Open Source.
July 2005 - February 2008




Condalis fue una pequeña empresa que ofrecía servicios de hosting, desarrollo web y consultoría IT.

Logros destacados:
- Automatización de procesos de administración de sistemas, hardening de seguridad de redes, sistemas y aplicaciones internas.
- Desarrollo de "Hostmin": una aplicación para controlar y monitor izar servidores de forma centralizada.
- Optimizaciones estructurales de diferentes proyectos de clientes externos.
August 2006 - December 2006

Software Publisher


Programador web

Malagalogo is a web development and consultancy firm based on Malaga from 1996.
December 2002 - May 2004


IRC Hispano

Programador (voluntario)

IRC Hispano was the leading hispano speaking IRC (Chat) network created on 1997. It had peaks of more than 40.000 users connected simmultaneously. I had the great opportunity to work (for free!) with Jesús Cea Avión and other good software developers improving the chat service.

25 Malt project(s)

Client satisfaction on Malt : 5.0/5 (22 ratings)

Stefan - 1xINTERNET GmbH


Like always, thanks you for being awesome!

Stefan - 1xINTERNET GmbH


Thanks again, Jorge, for the great work!

Stefan - 1xINTERNET GmbH


Perfect! Jorge delivered in time and budget and excellent quality! Looking forward for the next project with him.

Miguel Ángel - u-Care Health


Ha sido un placer trabajar con Jorge. Excepcional tanto en la planificación como en la ejecución. Buen trabajo incluso tras encajar unos ajustados plazos.

Stephen - RoadStr Enthusiast, S.L.


It is a pleasure working with Jorge. His coding skills are excellent and he communicates very well in all manners. We will continue to collaborate with him in additional projects.



Trabajar con Jorge ha sido fácil y ágil. Su desempeño a estado a la altura de lo que esperábamos y seguro que seguiremos contando con su apoyo.

Stefan Weber - 1xINTERNET


Working with Jorge was great! We had a complex RN project in bad shape that needed updating to RN 0.61. Jorge showed that he has a deep understanding of the matter, also the specifics of the iOS and Android native parts. Jorge was able to solve all issues in a short time. Apart from the technical proficiency, Jorge is a friendly and reliable person. He also is able to work self-responsible and drive a project. We'll definitely book him again!

Stephen Kneubuehl - RoadStr Enthusiast, S.L.


Jorge collaborated on our Node.Js backend project, touching important aspects of client security, data modeling and schema design in relation to our MongoDB database, and definition and implementation of an Elasticsearch stack. These were complex tasks, and Jorge was able to enter the project, understand the requirements, and deliver appropriate solutions. He is a talented developer who is eager to learn and to master new technologies. Jorge was able to deliver under difficult timelines and circumstances. He communicated in a professional manner and worked well with the team.

Alejandro Prats - Arts Internet Solutions


Jorge supo liderar un equipo técnico de diversos ámbitos como Administración, programación e incluso diseño gráfico de una manera muy profesional. Es una persona comprensiva y con una mente brillante, que supo manejar cada situación con soltura. Nos adaptamos a situaciones difíciles en todo el tiempo que estuvo, pero el siempre se mantuvo a la cabeza, y eso da mucho apoyo y moral a sus compañeros. Con respecto a sus conocimientos, no creo que se le pueda caracterizar menos que a un genio, con una mente brillante que sabe visualizar todos los elementos y asociar lo adecuado para cada momento. Aprendí muchísimo de linux a nivel de servidor y tecnología de redes con cisco. Sin duda le recomiendo para cualquier empresa que necesite de sus servicios.

Joan Condal - Infotec Condal S.L.


Jorge ha realizado un extraordinario trabajo interno en mi empresa basado en programación en PHP, AJAX y python, el cual uso como base para muchos de mis proyectos. Tambien es un excelente administrador de servidores Web basados en Linux y un amigable y honesto socio mientras duró nuestro proyecto compartido de servicios de hosting: Condalis. Lo recomiendo encarecidamente para temas de programación avanzada, asi como de gestión de recursos técnicos y planificación para proyectos de mayor envergadura.


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