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Faycal Eladraoui

Amazon Digital Marketing Developpment Consultant

Casablanca, Morocco

  • 33.5951
  • -7.61878
  • Indicative rate €200 / day
  • Experience 2-7 years
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Faycal in a few words

My name is Faycal, 38 years old, freelance business development on Amazon, all marketplaces combined, we have been working on this platform since 2014, we help our customers to find product niches with many opportunities for success, we accompany them in Developing and optimizing the readings produced according to the recommendations of the A9 algorithm, and finding the right keywords that convert the best.
we worked with several private customers, who were struggling to market their products, and we managed to generate sales without even offering giveaways or having too many reviews.
we will also provide our customers with a well-researched advertising strategy on Amazon "PPC COMPAIGN"
our major missions to Amazon can be summarized in bullets points below:
- search for product opportunities
- search for easy and manageable niches
- optimization of product lisitings
- Implementation and management of advertising on Amazon "the PPC Compaign"
- launch product
- ranking product
- the management of reviews

all these elements have allowed our different customers to generate significant turnover on the most visited platform in the world "Amazon"


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