Esteve Serra Clavera

Project Manager. Analytics & Blockchain adventurer

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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Esteve in a few words

I have a strong professional background on setting up technical solutions on BI and CRM domains to support customer’s business processes. Mainly I have been involved as Project Manager and Data and Business Analyst enabling BI and analytics capabilities on Telecoms, IT, Consumer goods and Public utilities industries.

I am eager to keep myself involved in international projects where to contribute with my expertise, best practices and motivation while learning from other professionals in an innovative environment. I want to be challenged back by the needs in projects as well as to face the issues aroused in new project scenarios.

Difficulties and problems should be taken as positive, natural steps within the course of our learning, therefore we should use them to grow and strengthen our convictions to be able to cope with any situation in the future.

• 14 years of hands-on data analysis
• 14 years involved in BI/CRM/MRM international enterprise wide projects
• 8 years of project management experience
• Expert Business understanding and analysis on Financial and Non-Financial data
• Excellent communication, presentation and training skills to different management level


January 2020 - April 2020 | Luxembourg, Luxembourg



Senior Analytics Project Manager

- Project Manager for Analytics applications for the Supply Chain Management Analytics team on VPC [Vodafone Procurement Company]. Scope and planning, requirements gathering and BRD owner, feasibility assessment (including support on technical), application layout and UX/UI design, unit&UAT test definition, tracking, application readiness, stakeholder management. Analytics application development guidelines document owner. Layout design and UX/UI improvements proposals for existing solutions.
November 2019 - January 2020 | Madrid, Spain

Banking & Insurance


Project Manager: Analytics, Modelling & Data Governance

Project: Zerebro [Big Data]
- Coordination of the functional and technical requirements gathering, readiness assessment and resource planning.
January 2019 - January 2020 | Madrid, Spain

Press & Media


Lead Editor and Director

-Manage and coordinate the activities related to magazine publishing, content distribution across social media and association management.
-Define and streamline key processes.
-Setup and establish partnership agreements.
November 2016 - November 2019 | Madrid, Spain


Japan Tobacco International

Technical requirements analyst and writer, cloud portfolio capabilities assessment

RfP document writer for both the vendor and the integrator on scope, requirements and questionnaire. Cloud requirements assessment. Bidders’ feedback evaluations support. PoC for Order Management Work Stream.
May 2019 - July 2019 | Madrid, Spain

Real Estate


Search engine developer

Develop Google-like search engine functionalities. Feasibility and test analysis on requirements. API endpoints development and JS plugin adjustments. Speed and scalability analysis on data load and cache performance.
September 2015 - October 2016 | Madrid, Spain


Japan Tobacco International

Upgrade Management Coordinator

Cut-over and Rollback scenarios and planning document owner. Coordination of the technical requirements gathering, readiness assessment and resource planning. Ensure the complete follow-up on the open items and issues both on test, dry-run and deployment phases.
December 2014 - August 2015 | Barcelona, Spain


Servitaxi 1976 S.L.

Operations Manager

Operations planning, departments coordination, issue
resolution with customers. Corporate customer and
taxi fleets acquisitions assessment and integration. Manage and coordinate customer complaints by troubleshooting issues and facilitating resolution. Setup internal and external communication channels. Territory growth and expansion. Dispatch software migration responsible. Fraud and services data analysis.
December 2014 - June 2015 | Barcelona, Spain


International Skyrunning Federation

Manager Operations and Digital

Design, planning and implementation of an E2E digital platform for the federation’s athletes (one-click race registration, real-time ranking and analytics). Athletes’ performance and ranking data analysis. Coordination with race organisers, national sports federations, sponsors, team leads and athletes.
December 2012 - November 2014 | Maastricht, The Netherlands



Business Intelligence Capability Manager

BI Capability Manager, FinOps Project manager, FinOps SPOC for company-wide projects

• [EBU CVM Consolidation] BICC Project Manager for campaigning in housing on Unica
• [ONION] Initiator and VFNL Project manager on Postal Code KPI analytics
• [re:connect] BICC Project Manager for maps data visualization on network improvements and customer complaints transparency
• [SSFE] BICC Project Manager for single sales front-end on Unify platform [BSS]
• [Retail BI] VFNL Project manager on consolidation and enhancement of BI capabilities between VF NL and VF NL Retail
• [VGE] VFNL Project manager on new Corporate segment split reporting
• [Starling] IT Project Manager for FinOps roles migration to Shared Services
• [myVF app] Initiator and BICC project manager on providing operational BI to customers through the mobile application
• [Roaming separation] BICC project manager on new EU roaming regulation
• [Reverse Tax on Integrated circuits] VF NL Project Manager for new Tax ruling implementation
• [3TM Red] Core member, FinOps SPOC and coordinator for improvements on Terminals Logistics
• [Unica campaigning] BICC project manager on data federation, processes improvement and new capabilities
• [Unify] FinOps SPOC and coordinator of a BSS platform migration
• [SEPA] FinOps project manager
March 2011 - November 2012 | Maastricht, The Netherlands



Business Intelligence Specialist

Project coordinator, data analyst, BO Universes development and management mainly on Teradata databases. Business requirements gathering. BO WebI trainer. Xcelsius developer.

• Universe catalogue analysis, merging and cleansing. 72.8% reduction
• [CMC Light/CMC Light Usage] New features development on generic base and usage universes such as NetMAF information.
• [Redefine 2] Technical support on the deployment and technical owner of the Company P&L BI project. BO WebI and report content trainer for the end users. 300k€ CAPEX and 7 FTEs.
• [puLse] Development of a Data Quality Universe on Base, Usage, Invoice and Source systems. Comparison between the data warehouse (LDM) and the data mart (CMC). Data mart data trends. Correctness of the data in the data mart. Analysis on the data load batch processes from source systems to the data warehouse. Dashboard developer. Savings estimation of 40k€
• [abacus/Redefine 3] Company P&L and Forecasting Universe upgrade project proposal and management. Universe developer. Savings estimation of 80k€ and 2.5 FTEs
• [Revenue Restructuring] Technical solution owner for new products classification.
• [Cashflow improvement] Project proposal owner
• [myVodafone] Analysis on providing aggregated data to customers application
• [BI Mobile] Analysis on BI app development for top management
• [IBRO cohort] Technical solution owner for customer base segmentation behaviour.
• [CAR Pricing] Technical solution owner for pricing aggregates universe
• [VF RO] BICC collaboration
• [Unica campaigning] Analysis on processes improvement and new capabilities
January 2009 - February 2011 | Barcelona, Spain


ICT Jaume Almera

Team Lead, Business Analyst

Business Analysis Team Lead (2 resources) in a nationwide scientific research project. Scientist coordination support. Business Processes gap analysis. Scientific data gathering, management and preprocessing. On site technician.
May 2008 - August 2008 | Skopje, Macedonia


Makedonski Telekom

Lead Business Analyst

Business Analysis Team Lead (2 resources) in an E2E Siebel 8 CRM-MRM bid. Coordination of requirements and processes gathering workshops. Gap analysis, process design and high-level technical analysis. Business Processes document owner.
  • Siebel
April 2005 - August 2007 | Barcelona, Spain

Consulting & Auditing


Business Intelligence Consultant

Project: Hewlett Packard Siebel 7.5 Training []
WW Siebel 7.5 teacher of CRM and MRM Siebel modules
Period: March 2006 – September 2007
On-Site and virtual trainings for more than 1000 people during Siebel 6.3 to 7.5 migration and 7.5 upgrades. Business Process and Hands on demos with the tool for different Sales and Marketing audiences. Trainings provided in English

Project: Andorra Telecom. Optimització CDI []
Business Analyst, Universe designer and developer, ETL Designer
Period: May 2007 – April 2007
CRM universe major upgrade. CRM and FIN ETL processes improvement.

Project: Endesa Avanza. Conocimiento del Cliente []
Lead Business Analyst, Dashboard designer
Period: October 2006 – April 2007
Reporting Team Lead (5 resources) in an E2E CRM solution. Stakeholder management. Requirements gathering. Reports and dashboards design. Planning and coordination of report developers and testers Reports incident management and escalation. Vendor management.

Project: Hewlett Packard EMEA CRM Reporting []
Business Analyst, Report developer
Period: April 2005 – March 2006
Business Analyst in HP EMEA CRM BI Business Team. Design, Development and Support for Siebel CRM BI Solutions from top management to operational reporting at EMEA level. Requirements gathering and IT SPOC. Leading a team of 2 people.

Project: Picis Worldwide []
Business Analyst, Report developer
Period: January – March 2006

Project: Hewlett Packard EMEA MRM Reporting []
Business Analyst, Report developer
Period: April – July 2005
Business Analyst in HP EMEA MRM BI Business Team. Design, Development and Support for Marketing BI Solutions from top management to operational reporting at EMEA level.
January 2004 - December 2004 | Barcelona, Spain

Consulting & Auditing

Everis- Everis Spain SL

Junior consultant

Siebel Competence Centre. Catalan Water Agency, Autonomic
Business analyst, Siebel developer, Report developer
Period: January - December 2004
Analysis, development and testing of Siebel solutions
Report generation on Business Intelligence
September 2004 - September 2004 | Kigali, Rwanda


First Mile Solutions

Field engineer

Co-Manager and field technician on Wireless Network Deployment Project in Rwanda.
  • Wireless
December 2001 - December 2003 | Barcelona, Spain



Head engineer

Project Manager in the R+D Dept.. Co-Head Technician of the seismic Dept. Multiple surveys on board of the BIO Hespérides [Mar – Dec 2003]

Head Technician of IT onboard the BIO Hespérides during oceanographic surveys and at the Spanish Antarctic Base Juan Carlos I [Dec 2001 - Mar 2003]


  • Master of Science in Telecommunications

    ESTETB TelecomBCN


    Telecommunications, Telematics, Radiocommunications, Programming

  • Master on Information systems and technology management and administration


  • Data Science Specialization

    The Johns Hopkins University

    In Progress

    Data Processing and Data Processing Technology/Technician



  • Spanish

    Native or bilingual

  • Catalan

    Native or bilingual

  • English

    Full professional proficiency

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