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David Somers

typographe et créateur de caractères


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David in a few words

I develop typographic, visual, and written solutions for clients. I take a holistic approach, and my work bridges multiple disciplines and typically incorporates both technical and business facets.

I have a technical background and can elicit, write and edit material, particularly for blue-chip clients in financial services, payment systems, and ancillary fields and has encompassed marketing brochures, user guides, function specifications, internal control and audit documents.

I am developing my own portfolio of fonts and am also available for custom type design.

I am a member of the International Society of Typographic Designers (MISTD) and a Chartered Professional Member of the BCS (MBCS CITP).

I am based in Luxembourg but I am frequently in Paris where I pursue a personal research project to find the best tarte au citron.



NPG Wealth Management

Analysis of the Policy and Processes (P&P) library to bolster internal controls and governance vis-à-vis corrective action to address both external (regulatory) and internal audits.

Interact / Concept Factory

Copywriter for B2B communications in air freight logistics.


Senior Business Consultant engaged by a global transaction processor for pre-paid mobile and related solutions. Undertook GAP analysis and CAP in the context of a ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 audit. Proposed changes to the infrastructure of the pan-European and Middle East data centers to ensure full resilience and redundancy within operational constraints.

MasterCard Worldwide

Process Manager developing member-facing global processes related to Smart Card (Chip) and Contactless (PayPass) deployment and implementation testing for ETED and M-TIP across cards and terminals as applicable.


Senior Consultant responsible for developing the mandatory implementation-specific business process documentation for an equity brokerage Order Management System.


Lead Consultant responsible for the delivery of the functional specifications for a private banking system. This involved reverse engineering the system. A corporate style guide was developed as a side project to the extensive documentation that was developed.

ABN Amro Financial Services

Senior Documentation Consultant providing task-oriented internal documentation for an internally developed Risk Management Information System.

Cedel [Clearstream]

Senior Documentation Consultant to analyse then implement the tooling and procedures to establish a Quality Assurance team for real-time bond settlement.


Senior Technical Communicator to develop the requirements to be met by institutions issuing and accepting smart cards.


Developing task-oriented documentation for IBM Systems Engineers to detail the information gathering and operation procedures they need to undertake to attach customer networks to the IBM Multiprotocol Router Network and IBM Global Network Internet.

DEC / Digital

Development of end user technical (programming) documentation for Digital LinkWorks, an object-oriented client-server GroupWare product.


Copywriter responsible for writing, designing, and producing documentation and marketing literature for a system offering integrated fax, telex, e-mail, and funds transfer (SWIFT) messaging for corporate and financial clients.


Writing and designing technical documentation for computer-controlled lighting consoles.


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