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Are you a freelancer?

Centralize your missions with Malt Open


Bring together all your freelance activity in one spot to easily manage more projects in less time.

  • All your documents in one spot

    Whether you work with one or more freelancers, all quotes, contracts, and invoices are sent to the same place on your Malt account.

  • Your contracts at the snap of a finger

    With Malt, Freelancers can accept contracts and conditions you send them directly online, without going through the paperwork.

  • A single service provider

    By using Malt for your freelance projects, you’ll only have one service provider to turn to: an all-in-one solution.

  • Freelance paid on-time

    With the Malt factoring service, the independent contractors you work with are paid in only a few days, even if your payment terms are set at 45 days. Is it Magic? No, just a short-term cash advance.

  • An easy-to-use tool for your team

    With Malt, your team members can follow-up on their projects and manage their freelancers with one easy-to-learn tool.

  • Monitor your projects closely

    Keep an eye on all your company’s in-progress projects and monitor your success indicators in real time.

Savings. No ifs or buts.

Freelance Payment
Service Fees
Freelance employee or sub-contractor payment
Overhead Costs
Agencies and Digital Service Providers

A model that benefits everyone

Malt provides the same level of service as any IT agency, at a much lower cost - because our operating expenses are lower. You save money, without sacrificing the quality of the freelance.


AXA Insurance for each mission

The freelancers that you partner with on Malt are covered by RC Pro AXA liability insurance for the duration of the project. It's an extra safeguard for them and one less worry for you.

Follow your budgets closely

Keep an eye on all expenses and projects assigned by your team members.

Our all-in-one solution
to centralize all your freelance activity

With Malt Insights, simplify the way you manage freelance activity by using one easy-to-use tool.

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Many large scale companies already trust Malt to manage their freelance activity on Malt

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