Simplify the management of
all your freelance projects

With Malt Insights, you can group, secure, and manage your freelance activity with one single easy-to-use tool

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Centralize supervision over all your projects

Manage your projects from a single interface

From quotes to payments, manage all your company's projects in real time, with a single tool.

Regroup your freelancers in one spot

Get an global view by transferring the freelancers with whom your company already works to Malt Insights.

Bring together all your freelancers on Malt

Quickly access all your documents

Malt Insights collects and stores all your documents in one place:

  • Your quotes, invoices, and payments
  • Your contracts, special terms, and your freelancers’ legal documents, all verified by Malt

Manage your team(s) activity

Involve your colleagues

Malt Insights allows your colleagues to manage projects by assigning them different administrative roles.

Stay in control with alerts

  • When a collaborator is about to incur expenses
  • When the budget allocated to a team is exceeded
  • When the duration of a mission with a freelancer exceeds your deadline

Leave nothing to chance

Look over and manage all freelance activity

With Malt Insights, you know who you're working with. At a glance, for each freelancer hired, you can keep an eye on:

  • The team and the collaborator who initiated the mission
  • The type of mission in progress and the amount allocated
  • The legal status of freelancers

Optimize your expenses with data

The more you go through Malt and the more data you get - about team usage, expenses, and freelancer profiles. Malt Insights allows you to make better decisions for your freelancer procurement.

Possible integration with your purchasing and e-procurement systems, including

Coupa Ivalua SAP Fieldglass

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