Our Advisors

It's been said that you are known by the company you keep.
We are backed and advised by marketplace and HR experts.


Antoine Freysz

Co-founder and CEO of Otium Capital, Antoine Freysz was the first investor in LaFourchette. He is also an active board member and investor in a dozen startups.


Jérôme Caillé

Former Worldwide CEO of Adecco, a group leader in HR, Jérôme Caillé is currently CEO of Accent Jobs. He advises and invests in multiple companies such as Resto In, Méthodia, U1Sport and is part of the Cathay Capital investment fund.


Olivier Occelli

CEO and founder of the Naturabuy marketplace, sold in 2012 to Mondadori Group, Olivier Occelli is an active investor in several startups including Doctolib and Clickon.